Advantages of Import and Export Loans

Designed to help buyers and sellers of oversea goods acquire working capital to fund their import/export business, import loans and export loans offer many advantages. There are two types of these loans: loans against import and clean import loans.

Loans Against Import

Business owners who rely on documentary credit or documentary collection terms may apply for a loan against import. These import loans treat the very goods to be imported as the collateral for the monies used to purchase them. Until these loans are satisfied, the goods actually belong to the financing institutions, but they can be applied toward manufacture before the import loans are satisfied. The release of the goods to the distributor is made via trust receipts, and these establish bank ownership until debt release.

Clean Import Loans

Some loans financing imports are made solely on the merit of the supplier invoice. These do not require repayment on documentary credit or documentary collection terms.


Because import and export loans are made against the goods to be delivered and accept transaction proofs as documentable collateral, many lending institutions are less interested in personal credit ratings than they would be to finance mortgages and other types of loans. They are interested in understanding, though, that the company’s accepting import and export loans from them have the wherewithal to meet their financial obligations. For that reason, most of these lending banks only enter into agreements such as these with businesses that can demonstrate a year of activity and show evidence of other similar transactions.


Some negotiation for terms is possible, and taking this matter seriously always behooves the group hoping to establish a loan to fund their import and export business. Paying special attention to the repayment and interest schedule will help you to maintain your payments efficiently. Such timeliness and consistency is crucial to the health of your business. Once the loan has facilitated cash flow, many import and export businesses achieve great success. Attention the terms of these loans puts them on the direct path to higher credit ratings, better fundability, and the capital necessary to grow continuously grow their business.

All business people who rely on the sale of imported and exported goods should become extremely well-versed in the terms and conditions associated with import and export loans. These loans are the lifeline to business that are, for all practical purposes, international in scope. With the establishment of the first of these financial agreement, the reach of the company increases considerably, and the promise of its success grows as the terms are met.