Mergers and Acquisitions Financing

Loans Structured to Your Advantage

There are many variables in business acquisitions and mergers that can affect the success of the transaction. To be sure you get the most out of the deal, you need a team of finance professionals behind you. At TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group, our expert analysts will carefully evaluate the various aspects of your planned arrangement and structure acquisition financing that will be to your best advantage.

Understanding Your Needs

acquisition-financingFirst, we will get better acquainted with your company. We want to learn about your financial strengths and assets, and develop an understanding of your business plans and goals. Your expectations of the benefits to be received from the transaction help us form the foundation of your loan structure.

Evaluating the Target Company

Next, our team will conduct a detailed analysis of the business being acquired. Some aspects to be examined are:

  • The company‚Äôs strengths
  • Current assets
  • Potential for growth

This evaluation will help us determine where your business will realize gain. We can then leverage the existing assets to formulate the best financing structure for you.

Applying the Knowledge

With the information we obtain through our in-depth studies, we create a financing package designed with your success in mind. Variables are turned to your advantage and more money is available for its intended use.

Offering Our Expertise

For optimal loan structure in acquisition financing, contact our experts at TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group today.