Merchant Cash Advance

Fast Funds With Easy Payback

An attractive alternative to small business loans, merchant cash advance provides funds quickly with flexible payback. The money is advanced against future credit card purchases with no collateral put at risk. At TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group, the qualification process is streamlined and funds are available faster than conventional loans.


Easy Application

merchant-cash-advanceWith cash advance, amounts are based on projected credit card sales. No collateral is needed. There is less paperwork involved in the process, which results in a reduction of approval time. In addition, we offer these features:

  • No fees to apply
  • No closing costs
  • Equity is not put at risk

Payback Advantage

One of the most attractive aspects of cash advance is the flexibility of payback. There is no set payment each month. Instead, a percentage of credit card sales is used to return the funds. When you make more, you pay back more, and when you make less, your payment is proportionately lower. This means better cash flow in slow months because payback amounts are directly related to credit card sales volume.

Flexibility of Use

You can expand your facilities, increase inventory, purchase equipment or launch a new advertising campaign. The money can be directed as you see fit to grow and improve your business.


No Need to Wait

With such favorable terms, you can afford to act now to build a brighter financial future. Contact us at TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group today for your merchant cash advance opportunities.