Small Business Loan Financing

Discover Our Small Business Loan Solutions

TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group can offer funding to most businesses through our Small Business Loan Program. Since we have been designated a Small Business Administration Preferred Financial services company, we can offer expedited SBA loan processing to every client.

Loans for All Purposes

We offer small business loans that can serve various purposes. These include:

  • Buying, constructing, renovating or refinancing commercial or industrial properties. Our financing applies to various owner-occupied properties, including restaurants, hotels and convalescent hospitals.
  • Acquiring other businesses. After assessing your cash flow and leadership, we may offer up to $1.25 million yearly or 80 percent financing with 15-year terms. Pre-qualification requires just 48 hours.
  • Buying or leasing equipment. Equipment financing can apply to printing and binding, trucking, medical, dry cleaning and heavy equipment.

These loans typically feature leading rates, full amortization and no penalties for early payoff. You may receive up to 90 percent financing for up to 25 years. We offer fixed and variable rates on loans disbursed through the SBA’s 7(a) and 504 Loan Programs

7(a) Loans

small-business-loansThese loans are available to most businesses and owner-occupied properties, including offices, industrial buildings, restaurants and franchises. SBA standards govern your eligibility. Qualifying retailers must have revenue under $6 million; manufacturers cannot employ over 500 workers; and service businesses cannot employ over 100 employees.

We offer full financing for equipment acquisition or refinancing, 90 percent financing for real estate transactions and 80 percent financing for business acquisition. Terms vary between 7 and 25 years, and interest rates are market-based. Your business may qualify for between $200,000 and $5 million.

504 Loans

These loans offer the same percentage of financing for equipment acquisition or real estate transactions as 7(a) loans. Projects worth up to $12 million may qualify for 504 loans. We provide up to 50 percent of the LTV, with a maximum value of $3 million, and a Community Development Company furnishes the remaining LTV, with a maximum value of $5 million.

These first and second mortgages respectively offer 25- and 20-year terms for real estate transactions and 15-year terms for equipment acquisitions. First mortgage fees are market-based; second mortgage fees include fixed, legal review, closing and bridge fees.

Get Financed Today

Apply for your small business loan today by contacting TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group. We can help you through the application process or evaluate your business to determine which financing may be most beneficial.