Equipment Leasing

Get the Right Tools for the Job With Equipment Financing

TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group can finance almost any kind of business tools your company needs to remain competitive. Our equipment financing program includes plans with small down payments or no down payments. We can customize your payment structure so that your business will be able to access equipment even in periods of low cash flow.

Your business can choose one of our excellent equipment leasing options:

  1. Applications up to $150,000: Approved in 24 hours with no financial statements required.
  2. Middle market up to $500,000: Approved in 3 to 5 business days.
  3. Large ticket over $500,000: Approved in 3 to 5 business days.

Sale and Lease Back Program

equipment-leasing-1When you are low on cash, you need tools to jump-start your business, but making payments on your equipment is difficult. We can provide your business with working capital by purchasing your equipment and leasing it to you in payments. Once all payments are made, you own your equipment again.

Startup Business Program

This specialized program is structured to finance equipment for companies that have been in business less than two years. We can help your business even if you do not qualify for a bank loan.

B, C and D Credit Rating Program

equipment-leasingEven if your company has experienced difficulties with cash flow and finances that harmed your personal credit, we can structure a lease that gets you access to the tools you need for a fresh start.

Government and Municipal Programs

This program guarantees financing for government and municipal agencies with rates based on agency ratings. We have worked with the following groups:

  • Federal and state agencies
  • Military services
  • Public education and libraries
  • Police and fire departments

Find Out More About Our Equipment Finance Program

TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group has a finance solution that will allow your business to get the right tools for the job. Contact one of our finance specialists for a no-fee equipment financing consultation today.