Purchase Order Financing

Flexible Financing for Trades and Purchase Orders

Purchase order funding from TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group can help your company address the cost of importing, exporting or domestically producing merchandise sold in advance. We know that many companies may excel at sales and production while struggling to cover the cost of buying pre-sold merchandise. Our purchase order financing provides a flexible solution to this common problem.

Financing for Most Businesses

purchase-order-financingWe primarily fund the production of goods, and we also issues Letters of Credit for trade operations, including international shipping and domestic purchases. We can fund producers, distributors, resellers and wholesalers, and we don’t automatically rule out financing start-ups. We even work with companies that have cash flow problems or restricted capital.

Unique Aspects of Purchase Order Financing

Our financing offers an appealing solution for many companies because it supports growth and greater revenue. The following aspects of purchase order funding may benefit your business:

  • This financing does not require you to sell equity or assume more debt.
  • Meeting client deadlines is simple with this funding, given its fast availability.
  • Our financing enables you to take on more market share and greater orders, leading to a better bottom line.

In short, purchase order funding provides a quick and versatile alternative to more traditional forms of financing.


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