Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Let Your Property Speak for You

TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group is pleased to offer stated income commercial real estate loans. Property income potential is of primary consideration in the qualification process. This results in fast approval and quick delivery of funds.

Types of Properties

stated-incomeAlmost all commercial properties are eligible for stated income loans. The principal factor is the property income value. The facilities must be able to generate enough funds to support the mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance premiums. Some examples of building types are:

  • Multifamily and mixed-use facilities
  • Warehouse and self-storage
  • Auto service stations
  • Retail and office space
  • Restaurants

Uses for Funds

Opportunities for business improvement are plentiful with stated income loans. You can purchase a new location or refinance your current facilities. You may wish to use the funds to replace your roof, expand your parking area, or renovate your interior. Perhaps you need working capital or want to take advantage of a great deal on inventory. Another option is consolidation of debt to reduce your monthly obligations. The possibilities are numerous with our stated income loan program.

Friendly Terms

Favorable terms and speed of the approval process make stated income commercial real estate loans an attractive option. Few documents are needed for application and the loans are fully amortized with fixed rates.

Making it Work for You

Let your property speak for you in economic advancement. Contact us today at TripleCapital Commercial Finance Group for your stated income loan.