3 Time Management Apps for Small Business Owners

With the current pace of technology, the tasks required by small business owners are changing almost daily. Staying up to date on popular apps can help automate operations so you can keep up with the increasing speed of the business world and feel good doing it.


If information overload and general disorganization are slowing you down, the popular Evernote app may be the solution to many of your problems. With Evernote, you can store all of your notes, checklists, web files, and research in one app. It also helps you get rid of excess papers by converting business cards to phone contacts and storing receipts, bills, and invoices as digital files. Its minimalist design helps reduce distractions and the whole app is searchable, which can be a major time-saver when you’re working on a complicated project for your small business. The chat feature makes it easy to quickly share information with groups of co-workers or clients. If you upgrade to the premium version, you will be able to work offline, password protect the app, and connect your stored business cards to LinkedIn profiles.


If you find yourself frequently coming across relevant articles online at the wrong times, Instapaper can store them all in one place for you so they are easy to find later. It saves articles and then presents them to you later in an easy-to-read format, which you can even access when your device is offline. The storing process saves each article as text-only, so all of the distractions on the page are eliminated. Links can even be previewed without having to leave the app. You can organize up to 500 articles in folders by category or date for future reference.


Where does the time go? The Toggl Time Tracker app will help small business owners find out exactly where it goes. If your business requires you to multi-task and complete projects for several clients a day, this cloud-based app will create time usage reports for both offline and online work for free. It is a simple and organized way to log your work hours so each client is billed for exactly the amount of time you spent on their project. Teams of up to five people can contribute to each Toggl folder and the information will sync automatically to all of your devices, so everyone can stay up-to-date. At the end of a project, complete timesheets can be exported and shared with clients or saved to your device. No more paper timesheets or rough time estimations, just one simple time tracker and accurate billing every time.